Music and Emotion

There are concepts that are being used in psychology to describe the experience of feeling or emotion. One of those concepts refer to affect. When you listen to music, what kind of emotions do you feel? Some of the songs which you listen to surely makes you happy and joyful while other songs make you sad. This is why music and emotion are directly related to each other. There are different kinds of emotions too. Some of the basic emotions include sadness, anger, fear, joy, and disgust.

If you listen to a sad song, for sure you will feel sad  and depending on the lyrics of the  song together with the melody, an emotion will be felt. Even if a person is still a child, he can develop the ability to perceive emotion in music. It can also be improved significantly throughout development. According to the two schools of thought, an emotion in music can be interpreted. These schools of thought refers to cognitivists and emotivists and needs to be understood well.

Being able to perceive emotion in music is actually subject to cultural influences. Also, an argument was made wherein the emotion that is experienced from a piece of music is a multiplicative function of four different features. These refers to structural features, performance features, listener features, and contextual features. Various emotions can be felt by the listener depending on how the vocalist or singer sing a song. The lyrics too play a very important role in conveying an emotion through music.